Monday, August 22, 2011

How I fucked with a stranger in a lift

I like unexpected but pleasant meetings very much. As you understand I mean meetings of sexual nature with men. These moments make me so horny and in such cases I lose my head and I’m ready for everything…
I’m going to tell one story that happened several years ago. It was July heat. I was going to work. I had a good mood despite the hot weather. As usual many men paid attention to me and turned back. I was in white high heel sandals. I was wearing a very short tight-fitting dress. Cloth fitted closely my butt. I had no bra and my aroused nipples protruded under the dress cloth. I wasn’t wearing the panties that day too. I often don’t wear panties in summer. The office where I worked was situated in a high office centre at the 19th floor. 
When I entered the building hall and passed by, two huge guards followed me with their lustful eyes. I’m sure that they looked at my butt with a desire, and something raised in their pants)
I entered the lift and pressed the button of my floor. There were the big mirrors in the lift all around and I started to examine myself with a pleasure. I liked to look at myself in the mirror. I’m so pretty that I’d fuck me myself if I could) I petted a bit my hips and butt.
Suddenly the lift stopped at one of the floors. The door opened and a rather handsome man came in the lift car. Dark hair, swarthy skin, approximately 40 years old, with a good body. We met our eyes. A bit embarrassed I greeted a stranger:     
-         Good morning.
-         Good morning – replied he with a smile.
When he came into the lift he turned his back upon me. He started to examine me leaning against the wall. He touched every centimetre of my body with his look. And when he looked at my breast my nipples became hard at the moment. They protruded under my thin dress cloth even stronger. He could understand that I become horny because of his saucy look. He examined me as a whore. That thought made me hot between the legs.
-         Oh, baby, who uses the lifts with strange men, and without undergarment – he said in soft pleased voice not turning his eyes away from my nipples.
-         It’s not your business! -  I said. That situation made me horny and scared at the same time. I wanted to protect myself somehow replying rudely.
A stranger stretched his hand blatantly and pressed the button “Stop”. The lift car stopped.
- You’re wrong, sweetie, your aroused nipples are my business.
- What’s going on here?!- I tried to make a stern and disturbed look.       
I stretched the hand to press the button. But the stranger took my hand, moved it back. He started to pet my breast with his second hand.
He said:
- I’d be tender I promise.
How did that stranger see through me so quick? My body wanted his caresses and he knew it for sure. Yes, I wanted sex with a stranger! He took off the straps of my dress and it slipped off on the waist. He started to twist my nipples. He squeezed them and it was a bit painful for me. I liked that pain. It made me horny. He enjoyed seeing me twisting and moaning. The stranger moved with his hand between my legs and began to pet my wet pussy. I began to moan more. My vagina like waited his fingers. He bended forward my face. His lips were touching mine.  
A hot long kiss drove me crazy at all. I started to take off his shirt. He had a nice tanned trunk. I petted his breast by my hands. I saw his cock protruding in his pants. I moved to the kneels, unzipped the pants and freed his cock. Big, hot… mmm…. and how it smells, smells by male. I touched the cock head with tongue, took the head by lips, licked. He closed his eyes and moaned a bit. I continued to play with his cock, licked his balls, sucked his cock, and enjoyed his taste.
Before I enjoyed his cock he raised me, turned me back upon him and bended a bit. I saw his reflection in the mirror before me. He did all those with a satisfied smile. He kissed my neck, his hand twisted my nipple. I was twisting and moaning. His big cock set against my pussy. I couldn’t wait him to penetrate me. He pressed a bit my vulvar lips by the cock head and they allowed him inside easily.
Ohhhhh! – I cried loudly with pleasure. He closed my mouth by hand.
- Be quite, babe, someone could hear us – he whispered.
But I didn’t care, I wanted him, madly wanted. His big hard cock penetrated my cunt again and again. Then he put me doggy-style just at the lift floor and fucked as a whore. I shook and began to come. I come on that stranger cock.
My vagina muscles contracted massaging his thick cock. When I calmed down a bit he took his cock from my pussy, took my chin and set his cock to my lips. I opened my mouth and he started to come in it.
After that we dressed quickly. He pressed the lift button and the door opened. I went out of the lift and went by the corridor to my office. I was going slowly, satisfied and fucked.
Absolutely satisfied, now I could not think about sex for several hours)
I didn’t learn his name. And it’s not important. The most important was that it was amazing hot sex with a stranger.      

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